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North Texas SMF gathering

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I have been noticing that there are a lot of people on here in the North Texas area, and I think it would be great if we could arrange a meet and greet. If you are interested in this please let me know and maybe we can start planning one. I would love to meet everyone and pick their brains and enjoy some great Q.

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I'd love to come!

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Count me in as well, I'm in the Keller area.
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Depending on the day I may be willing to make the drive up north.
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I would like to try to Pick a date and location that will work well for all of us. I would prefer sometime within the next 2 months before it gets into the 100's. If anyone has a suggestion please mention it and we can try to come to an agreement.


I was thinking one of the area lakes that has a park like area.

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I live in a far NE burb of Dallas area little spot called Sachse.  Its actually East of Plano.  I travel every week for work and home on weekends.  Depending on how my chores are looking I'd like to go.



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what about the panhandle area?  maybe even get some panhandle okies involved.

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what soaFung said! If I don't have to drive to dallas I would even be willing to buy a lot of the meat!

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I'm in Grapevine, and would love to meat up w/ those more knowledgeable than I.  I know this is an old post but if it's still in the works let me know.

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5/5/14 1745

Hello, txfshrmn here. give time and date. sounds interesting.

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5/29 smoker will be built 5/18 thru 5/24. I have crappie tournament 5/21 .

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I would love to come please let me know I am in Garland Tx

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I know someone that wants to host a cook off at his place in farmersville,Tx let me know and i can give contact info

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I live in the lewisville area . there is a water park in Copplle with a pavilion an bathrooms

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Any date get nailed down I live in Cleburne Tx not to far from DFW all I have is a 14.5 wsm but would love to meet everyone and exchange ideas
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I haven't heard anything but would love t get it started

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This sounds great! You can count me in if it ever happens. I live in McKinney just north of plano/Allen area.

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