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1st meatloaf w/Q view

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I've seen so many delicious photos of meatloaf I couldn't stand it any longer.  So here is my attempt at meatloaf.  I decided to use a bunch of veggies along with the meat.

I used ~3 pounds of ground beef, 1 pound italian sausage, 1 pound hot sausage, 2ish bell peppers, 2ish onions, a handful of carrots, 1 jalapeno, and a few mushrooms for good measure.  After slicing everything up and mixing the meats I added some L&P and some seasoning salt.



I decided to make 3 smaller meatloaves


After about 2ish hours I got to an IT of 160 and they looked great so I pulled them.  I used my cool little iGrill thermo that I got that syncs with bluetooth to my iPhone.  There really is an app for everything :-)  Now I can use my iPhone to help me smoke.


They came out great and my kids liked them too....except for the mushrooms :-)Meatloaf5.JPG

One of these days I will learn to post photos so they will all be right side up :-)

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Looks great !
That the way i make meatloaf in small pans like that.
I will form them in the pan then put in frig for few hours to set up.
Then I take them out of the pans and put them in the smoker.
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looks great, I love smoked meatloaf


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