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THE food saver unit is OK but the VacMaster 350 is fantastic.The VacMaster unit is made of Stainless Steel and has adjustable settings for your more delicate foods like fruit. My Son has the Food Saver unit and it is Ok but cannot compare to the VacMaster Units. I use my 350 a few times a week and for several bags at a time. It is fast and very powerful. The great bags and rolls from Lisa make it even better and a big cost savings compared to the Food Saver bags you buy at the store.



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I have never used the Vacmaster350 but I had a $200 foodsaver that let me down about 6 years ago, it lasted long enough to do 14 deer/hogs well and then barely managed to do another 10 deer/hogs the next year :(


I upgraded to the Weston Pro-2100 because I needed a sealer that was known to be a long lasting powerhouse, and couldn't be happier with it over the past 4+ years!!! 


One feature these Weston's have that I think is crucial the internal fan that blows the whole time to keep the vac sealer cool so no overheating to stop vac sealing! 

One feature I wish the 2100/2300 would add is a bag cutter but I have learned that buying pre-made bags is the way to go rather then spending hours of time cutting and sealing roll bags.


I have also used a Weston Pro-1100 and it also seals amazingly BUT the auto lock/latch and unlock/unlatch "feature" is a pain the butt.  If they got rid of that so called "feature" it would be an amazing sealer because it seals superbly and DOES have a roll holder and bag cutter built into the machine.


Anyhow this is just my $0.02.  Fork over the money and get a good one that is a hardcore brand (not FoodSaver) and you will buy once, cry once, and live happily ever after :)

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Hello everyone,


I hope that everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend and thought of our troops who are serving our country and of those who have died for our freedom.


We have a new vacuum sealer, the VacMaster Pro 275! It's a budget-friendly sealer that has a powerful double piston pump and a cooling fan.  Check it out here!


Here is your JUNE discount code:


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I am also working to get more products on the site to save you money on meat processing equipment.  I just got some great deals on sausage stuffers.


I will have more products coming soon!


Our ULTRA bags will save you money!  They are thicker than the FoodSaver brand, and I have ordered in bulk to save you $$$.  Check out our new line of ULTRA bags and rolls for your FoodSaver, Weston, Cabela's and Vacmaster countertop suction machines:



We also carry CLEAR/GOLD BAGS that work with your FoodSaver / Cabela's / Weston / VacMaster machines:


We are now carrying all-stainless steel home suction sealers.  We have two models and one of them has a huge 16" long seal bar:


PRO 350 - standard 12" seal bar length:


PRO 380 - 16" extra long seal bar length:


We also carry MYLAR BAGS, and other emergency preparedness supplies! Click HERE to see.



Check out our full line of chamber vacuum machines and supplies for the professional smoker!


Take care, and thanks for your business!



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