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First Failure of the Year!!!!

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Well it had to happen sooner or later, and yesterday was the day. I had found a real nice Sirlion Tip Roast at Sams and had Grand Illusions of smoking it yesterday for dinner in my MES40. Started out with some L&P Thick and some CBP and G,S . Got it all set and smoking away.


 While it had just started, I noticed a power outlet that was throwing sparks off sooooo, I had to turn the breakers off to my garage so I could fix the outlet.. ( You can see where this is headed). Well got the outlet all fixed and the breakers back on and then started playing with my grand daughter. We did our usual stuff, riding her bike, scooter, electric car, and all the other stuff she does outside. Well, about a hour and a half go by and I remember I need to add some more wood chips. Walk up to the back deck and add the chips and check the controls and thermos. And then all at once I was hit with that DUUUHHHH Moment, "you turned the breakers off dumb ass"head-wall.gifhead-wall.gifhead-wall.gif And forgot to reset the MES.


 Checked the IT ,103, outside temp 78 degrees. Wife just finished a bout of the stomach flu, so what to do what to do. Been about three hours since I put it out, Sat in a warm smoker on a warm day. So I did what we all would do,,, I cooked it up and fed it to the wife to see if it would make her sick..........wife.gifwife.gif


 Ok Ok ,,, I threw the whole thing in the trash can and grilled some chicken breastgrilling_smilie.gif while she made some cooked veggies. We had a real nice dinner alone while the grand baby went to play at her mommys house, ( yes, we raise are GB). I just hate throwing away meat for ANY reasonth_crybaby2.gif, but especially when it's my fault. And if you all want pictures you have to go look in the trash can with the meat,,, lol.

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Happens to the best of us at one time or another.. Bet it won't happen again?

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That sucks! You did the safest thing...JJ

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Far better to have been safe instead of sorry.  If you'd waited to repair the outlet, you could have BBQ'ed on the embers of your burned-down garage and/or house too, and the loss of a sirloin tip instead would have been a minimal loss indeed!  Congratulations on doing the right thing and protecting you and your family and property; the alternative scenarios could have been soooo much worse!


Don't look at it as a failure by any means, look at it as a success saving and protecting what is dear to you!

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That Bites, Tis always tough to see good meat in the trash.

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th_crybaby2.gifSo sorry to hear that. But at least no one got sick.

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