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First Chuckie w/Q view

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I've been reading a lot about Chuckies on here and decided it was time to try one.  I thought I would start super simple and I coated my chuckie in mustard and then rubbed it with some KC Butt Spice then wrapped it and let is sit.  Once I got the smoker going with some RO and some mesquite chunks I stuck it on there and let it go until it was around 205.  I wrapped it in towels and put in a cooler to let it rest.  It came out great.  It pulled very nicely and had a good smoky flavor.  It was great on sandwiches or straight.


All in all I was pleased.  It came out just a touch dry but I did have some temp control hiccups along the way.  Guess I'll just have to try again.  If you ever see that KC Butt Spice when you're out shopping it's pretty good.  It smells just like BBQ potato chips and tastes pretty good too.  I put it on everything now.  Thanks for lookin'

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Looks like a good chuckie from here?


Good luck and good smoking.

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Looks darn delicious!

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Man it looks juicy

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What you can do for the dryness is add a bit of beef broth to the foil when you wrap it up. Find some chuckies with good fat content. Underblades, 7 bone, etc are good for pulling.

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Great looking chuckie 

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