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Pickling Sausage Question

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I had some extra smoked sausage that I wanted to try pickled.  Its been already jarred, and sitting in the refrigerator for a few days now.  


My question, After pickling the sausage, I realized that I did stuff this sausage with cheddar cheese chunks.  I was just wondering if the Cheese would go funky sitting in the vinegar like that.  I didn't know pickle much sausage bc it was my first attempt.  


Any input would be thankful,


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Very good question 33.gif . With it being a dairy, I'm not sure. It doesn't sound good.

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Hmmm don't know about pickled dairy

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I think that it will not work .i use vinegar to separate  the whey from the milk wen i do cheese .there is a big chance that the vinegar will break the cheese and will destroy the sausage 

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I'd had pickled polish sausages made with high temp cheddar cheese and it did leech a bit of the cheese into the brine, but not appreciably so; I kept them in the fridge for about 6 months and they didn't break down that much, still more than lip-smackin' edible on the last piece, lol!  I'd just jarred them and didn't seal them and can them, though.

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Thanks for all the advice! I'm sure it depends on the kind of cheese it is. Keep the recipes coming!

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