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Smokey Rib Stew

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Ok, so first off, this all started on a whim and ended with something amazing, and I thought I should share. I had been wanting to stockpile some PP so I didn't have to set the better part of a day aside every time I wanted some(not that I mind...but you know how it is...wife.gif haha). I bought two butts, 7.5 and 8lbs, and a rack of spares just because I hadn't tried them in the new smoker yet. Normally, when I smoke butts, I will put a pan underneath to catch the drippings and use them later, but this time, for whatever reason, I wanted to be creative. I have seen others place pans of veggies underneath, and thought that looked like a good idea, but sometimes my drippings will all boil off, so I got one can of chicken and one can of beef broth and two bags of frozen stew veggies. Combined everything in a pan and placed it under all my to be smoked goodies(note: I covered the pan with foil, pushed down the center and poked holes for drippings to fall into, I think this was a good Idea as it turned out plenty smokey) 

      I used the 3-2-1 method with the spares, but I'm still having some issues with smoker temp. Both my therms calibrated in boiling and ice water, just need more practice. Anyways, I got the family to sample the ribs and they all thought they were great(I keep telling them if it's bad to let me know, because if I don't wont change!). I thought they were a little dry for my taste.

      I was forced to move the butts to the oven about 8hrs in bc of rain and I'll be damned if I was gonna let my ET-732 get rained on during it's maiden smoke! When I took the butts out they got wrapped individually and placed next to each other in a pan in the oven. Thats when I started trying my broth/veggie concoction, and I determined two needed meat, and it needed seasoning(I buy everything with little or no sodium, and just add to taste. I don't have to watch my sodium intake, but I never want to get to the point where I have to). 

      I had taken the rib meat off the bone and placed it in the fridge earlier, so I got that out, cubed it and added to stew in a crockpot. Seasoned with oregano, lawrys, garlic powder, paprika, dried parsley, tarragon, thyme, and cayenne(all seasonings were done to taste, I didn't measure anything out, partly because I didn't really expect it to be any sort of fantastic anyway). Let everything simmer in crockpot for a couple hours. At this point I tasted it, and it was great, but a little...uhhh...greasy, I think from all the drippings. I let it cool in a glass container in the fridge overnight, and skimmed off gobs of fat the next morning. Heated some in the wave and it was MUCH better, just needed some de-fatterizing, and the rib meat was really tender and added a great texture to everything. I apologize for only having one picture...I didn't expect it to be so good! but here it is

Rib Stew.jpg

OK I lied....I have two pictures, this one of my "always at your side...when food's around" helper, napping after a "ruff" day!


Sorry this post is a little long-winded, I was just excited at a successful experiment, and I hope someone will try and improve upon it! The only thing I would change is to replace the can of chicken broth with another can of beef broth. Anyways, Thanks for looking!

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Looks pretty great!...JJ

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Good bit of kitchen work from where I'm standing!yahoo.gif A lot of those style of dish's only improve from sitting a while,called the fester factor by somebody cant remember who. Its the same with some curry,get it done let it sit in fridge overnight,skim it, reheat it , swirl through the yoghurt if thats your deal,adjust it serve it.

Flavours seem to amalgamate over night,some of the sharp edges come off it,mellows a bit. You also get a fresh look at it then decide what it needs ,squeeze of lime ,more chilli etc.

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Good idea!

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Looks good and a tasty experiment to boot. I'll have to keep it in mind!

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That looks and sounds fantastic! drool.gif

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That sounds yummy!

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