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this one's for you red mud!

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made a little skirt steak and onion tonight

was gonna pour on some bbq sauce but decided against it tonight  sometimes we like it and sometimes we don't


bbq sauce 001.JPG


looking good


bbq sauce 002.JPG


killer looks ready for some bbq


bbq sauce 005.JPG




dinner is ready


bbq sauce 003.JPG


she looks happy






thanks for playing

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Looks good Rick! And thanks for the laugh. I would have sauced, maybe double sauced. devil.gif
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Looks like a great meal!

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Speaking of sauced,  what is that in the pup's water dish??

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corolina gold and STOLI

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looks good again Rick... With or without the sauce.......................icon14.gif



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Looks good and love the pup!

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Has that pup been lapping the beer? 

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What's not to love about skirt steak?  Lots of flavor and when thinly sliced it puts other cuts to shame.


I've never tried skirt steak in the smoker but certainly will one of these days.  You held back on the sauce, which I'm a big fan of holding back on.  Better to use it as dipping sauce in case the meat requires it . . . . kind of like not putting salt on the table until someone tastes their meal.


Love the abundance of grilled onions.  I'm sure that added even more flavor to the meat.


Nicely done.

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looks great yummy

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If cows looked this cute we would all be vegetarians.



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Not to sure about the cows but the pup looks like some of the regulars at Parasol's Irish Pub.  Give him a plaid cap and someone will buy him a beer. 

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Seriously you are right!!!

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Great looking meal as always Rick and the pup is awesome 

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