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Took one of the chubs down today to cut and look. They are done and ready. Here are some pics for y'all.

I really like the beef middles.

Venison sweet lebanon with the casings still on.


The beef middle casings peel right off. They do leave a small amount of protein residue on the meat but it comes right off.


Here are some $ shots for y'all.



Vac sealed and ready for FL, If they make it that long....Yikes

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That's some great looking stuff!

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i am awe struck! as if doing the perfect brisket isnt enough of a goal, you guys have got me trying sausages now!

cant wait to try some old world bologna. you cant tell me its not healthier than the s@#t  they sell at the store. and i know it will ntaste 100 times better.

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My wifes boss asked her if the venison sweet lebanon was done, she said i am taking to FL next month so i cut one and gave him half.

I already have orders for this years deer season....Yikes

I'm happy with em.


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I'd like to try your recipe and have ordered the dextrose and the culture.  Are you using all venison?  No other meat or fat added?

It looks great!


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