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Breakfast sausage with q view

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Pick up a 1980's model food grinder with sausage stuffer tubes for 10 bucks at a second hand store so I thought I would give it a try.


Used a 10 pound boston butt, and breakfast sausage seasoning from




chopped up




grinding it up




mixing in the seasoning




stuffin the sausage




all stuffed up




the links, some burst but most turned out ok




My first attempt, not too bad but I'll do better next time!








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Looks good icon14.gif
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Looks good! 

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Nothing wrong with that and picking up a grinder that works for 10 bucks is a sweet deal

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Sweet, that grinder looks like it was from the 80's alright! I love the 80's!


Sausage looked good, how was the seasoning kit?

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thought the seasoning kit was a little salty for my taste, i will try using a little less next time.


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great job on your first try.............  it will only get better.......................icon14.gif



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