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OK I bit the bullet & defrosted goat leg.Its going to be a southern Italian that I have put together from a couple of recipes from different regions if anything its Calabrian,but there are bits of Sicily & Sardinia in there as well.The concern is how lean this leg is.So its going into a light marinade of red wine overnight,there was half a bottle sitting out bit of rarity in this house we tend to empty them in one sitting.biggrin.gif

I made a paste out of fat from around the goat kidney,some prosciutto fat & some fat I trimmed off the lamb flap I bought as treat for Australias luckiest rescue dogs.I bashed in all together with gbp,sea salt flakes garlic,smoked spice mix..Then in a seperate mix put 4 anchovy fillets,parsley ,oregano,lemon zest. smoked dried chilli.Then its add part A to part B & mix..Thats going to be touched up with some EVO,lemon juice & Im going to rub it all over leg maybe cut a few places to let it penetrate.

I trimmed off shank & tail browned them in pan dropped them in stock pot with ,shallots, parsley stalks,carrot ,bayleaf. I  will let that simmer for whatever  then mix that with red wine marinade to go in pan on shelf below goat when it goes in MES tomorrow. I hope the paste gives it moisture as well as flavour.IMG_0073.JPGIMG_0072.JPG

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That was my lamb fat big guy!IMG_0424.JPG

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OK I  rubbed this mix on,letting it come to room temp now.Stock & red wine in pan to go under .I figure I will get it in MES at 80c x 2 hours then bump it to 100c+ until its done.I figure I  can defat pan juices by pouring them over ice cubes in strainer.Might seem kind of goofy to put that fat mix on it given cholesterol etc but I figure I  will make up for it somewhere else.IMG_0074.JPG

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PM me after you get out of the hospital?


That dog looks like it is about ready to take a bite out of your a..... and then steal your goat?


Good luck and good smoking.

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You could see all her ribs when I  got her,no chance now. .She had been on death row. Renamed Princess by rescue service,boy did they get it right. She saw what she figured was hers come out of fridge only to watch it be used for something else.Unimpressed. Lucky she has beaten up teeth.biggrin.gif

Goat leg is in MES now certainly smells good. Stuck probe in it will need a while yet.Will bump it to 125c for last hour. Digging around looking for right wine. I only drink on weekends,Sunday night hereyahoo.gif

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Still way to rare but I  can leave it in there for another 90 minutes easy.I cut 3 big slashes in it so rub penetrates.Pan catching drips,suspense is killing me. Will skip carbs & just have salad to = fat rub..This goat was 10kg dressed butcher showed me paperwork.IMG_0075.JPG

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IMG_0076.JPGAint that pretty!

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Now that was something.Boiled off pan juices,not worth trouble,shouldn't have put it on meat. .Just serve it with bit of rub.Rub a little hot but thats easy fixed ,had a real tang from anchovies,lemon,smoked spice mix.But the real test was it was tender & soft,pink as I carved further in,but moist,juices coming from meat. As good as any lamb any day but got a different taste not huge different but different. Worth the trouble such as it was. 

Mix is a keeper.With lamb,ditch fat just use rest of ingredients. It wasn't that fatty,a lot of it rendered out then dripped down over meat.I didnt have a recipe in front of me just an idea ,some ingredients IMG_0079.JPG& my feel as to that Southern Italian flavour profile.It was a combination of things that  I read/saw,might need to back the salt off a tad as well. Lot of uneaten saladlaugh1.gif.That was so tasty. I drank a wine thats a local take on an Italian wine ,La Signora by Casa Freschi out of Langhorne Creek.

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Moikel  this looks like a great meal my Friend .was the goat meat like a game flavor ?

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Its not gamey! Very tasty . The Boer breed goats that we shipped here from your country have improved the meat no end.My farmer friends tell me its the same deal with the Dorper breed of sheep we imported from S.A. Mixed with our version of British breeds of sheep,Border Leicsters,Dorsets,Suffolks, has resulted in bigger,meatier lambs.

The goat is funny in the sense that the milk products came first,the meat was always there we just had to have it put in front of us by cooks who understood it & cooked it in their traditional way.

I had a great time doing this. Our biggest agricultural show is at Easter. My old time friends are cattle breeders but I will find some time to head to the goat/sheep pavillions to learn a little more. And the Alpaca section of course.

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looks amazing

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