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No Foil Butt (Qview)

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I did a no foil butt today for dinner.

It was only about 4lbs. Smoked for 6 hours at 250º with lump and cherry. Pulled at 178º IT for slicing.










Here it is resting, the bark was very crunchy and delicious.


no foil butt 020.JPG





Man this thing was juicy


no foil butt 021.JPG



A sliced pic


no foil butt 022.JPG



The wife thought it was to pink, so she threw hers on a hot skillet for about 4 mins.

Here's a pic of hers.


Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits (by me), fresh corn, chicken & rice, candied yams, deviled eggs, and you have to have some

Mac & Cheese in the south.

no foil butt 025.JPG



Thanks for checking out my Qview

My buddy AL will agree,No foil is the way to go


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Fresh corn .....  Just not right .......  lol

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You wanna talk about a challenge, try looking at that plate while sitting at your computer eating a salad.  32.gif  Someone come wipe off my keyboard, I'm headed to the fridge to find some real food now.  Great job!

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lookin good right there, I like the sear on the wifes slice.


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Man o man Rap that sucker looks amazing! I'm going to have to try one sliced next time. I have always pulled them, but yours looks so good I will just have to slice the next one. Great job Buddy!!!

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That looks exponentially delicious!  I think I'm in love.

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That looks amazing! No foil is awesome! Going to do 2 this week, one for PP and one for slicing! Great job

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Way to go Raptor........biggrin.gif , going naked the whole way is my only method (so to speak). It always seals good and devevops a GRAND Bark on all I cookfirst.gif. The 'No Peeky' thing helps too...


Have fun and...

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That looks great.  Nice plate

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Thanks everyone, it turned out better than i planned.

I will definitely be using this method again. The bark was nice and crunchy and cooking to an IT of around 180º really helps take some time off of the smoke.

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I almost missed this thread

Rap i have to say ,you got a nice juicy but ............................ for dinner biggrin.gif

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I missed this one too......awesome Rap. I like the Idea of the hot sear on both sides to crispen up the pork steak.......It sure looks tasty



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WAY TO GO.........looks great...............first.gif

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