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Smoked Pork and Beans

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Anytime I smoke some ribs, I always like to smoke beans as well. I have made them many times and they may be as popular as the meat itself. Slow baked beans done in the smoker have a rich, sweet and smokey flavour that cannot match beans done in the oven or slow cooker. Recipe for the beans is here -

Here are a bunch of pics from my last smoking day! OOOOH YEAH!!


in the smoker.jpg


cutting the pork.jpg


stirring in the pork.jpg

out of the smoker_picnik.jpg


baked beans.jpg

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Now that looks good.  I like to do the same thing - especially on long cooks so the beans cook low and slow for a long time.

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that pan looks like its going to be a fun one to clean..lookes good tho!!
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Haha - yeah the pan required some good scrubbing. But it was all worth it!! yahoo.gif

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I to love baked beans.  I used to make pressure cooker baked beans but would rather have your smoked version.  I am going to try the next time I fire up my Ugly Drum Smoker.

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BeansLooks-Great.gif. I always do my beans in a disposable foil pan much easier to clean up.

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The beans look delicious!

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Hang on while I pick my jaw up from the floor.


Those are some mighty fine lookin' beans!

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Oh my those are mouthwatering! I love smoked beans

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