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Beer Stix

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Want to thank someone on the forum for this recipe. Out of respect for him i will not post the recipe unless i have his ok to do so or he posts it himself...


Here is the gang.




This recipe has Phosphate in it. I will break it down.


This recipe has ST, SH & SH in it. AKA: Ames Phos

ST: Sodium Tripolyphosphate

SP: Sodium Pyrophosphate

SH: Sodium Hexametaphosphate

This keeps the product moist. Phosphates are in all sorts of food you buy at the stores. No its not TSP you get at Lowes or Homepeepot.





5 lbs all mixed. Cover and fridge for stuffing tomorrow.



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Wow!  It looks... moist!  Great job!  Bet it will be delicious!

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Looks good rick...





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looking good.  I hope whoever gave you the recipe will share or let you share.  I'm very interested. icon14.gif

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Looks real good!

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Me 2popcorn.gif

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Here the beer sticks.

Had a pack of 19mm needed to be used.


Stuffed and resting for an hour at room temp.

PID @ 130 for 1.5 hours no smoke. PID working from the 130 thru 170 if needed. Fan whirling away.


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Great...can't wait for the end!

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Finally done.


The fan i put in my Bradley really helps with moving the heat and smoke around.





Pulled at IT of 153. Getting a room temp bloom now.


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Couple $$ shots then the sticks go in the fridge for cople days.






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Looks good Rick! How was the flavor?

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Originally Posted by solaryellow View Post

Looks good Rick! How was the flavor?

Its good.


Next time i will add the few drinks that was left of the beer, bump  the heat up a tad.



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Those look outstanding!

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Getting ready to vac seal em.





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Looks great! Beer and sausage? Gotta be good.
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It looks great Rick bet it taste great

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Looks like another winner.

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licon_eek.gificon_eek.gifks great Rick.............................icon14.gif I want onedrool.gif



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