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Threw together a composter today!

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My wife and I will be starting the garden in a few weeks and she wanted a composter. The only thing I had to buy were a set of hinges,a pipe, and two closers. Everyting else was here at the house. I still have to paint it, but I'll get to that this week! I ordered my Goliath Heirloom tomatoes on Saturday! Tomatoes will be 2 to 3 lb each! Should be here Wednesday. I bought plants not seeds, that way I could get a jump on the neighborhood! Sorry the photo is sideways....... Jeffcomposter 2012.jpg

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Looks like a great job good luck with the tomatoes and the composting

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Nice job. I had a compost bin when I lived in Ohio. Nothing real fancy, just basically a box made out of 1x4's with air gaps between them and a roof. Would turn it with a pitchfork every day or so.


I planted Cantaloupes one year in not the best soil, lots of clay. I dug a hole and filled it full of compost, then planted them on top.


They were really good when I picked them, and my uncle couldn't believe I grew them.



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I have clay soil here in N Alabama as well.  I need to get a composter up and running to add black gold to the soil.

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I love Goliath tomatoes also...They are the biggest seller at our greenhouse and people ask for them year after year. Good luck with the composting nothing like free nutrition for the garden.

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Very well done! I think you found your calling...other than gardening:biggrin:
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Looks great.  Do you have any holes anywhere on the unit?  Although not mandatory I think it would work better if you had a small holes in random spots.  FYI I've had one up for more than 3 years and my plants love the worm tea I brew!!  Better than Lipton!

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I have holes drilled into the ends! My tomatoes are gonna love the tea too! These things should last forever. I overbuild everything!

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I bet ya a fiver that works a treat... Nice one... Looks-Great.gif

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Here is a few photos of my homemade composter. Built it in a few hours. White pvc pipes go thru the drum and are drilled for ventilation. They also make a very handy handle for rotating the drum. Very easy to unload also - just push the wheelbarrow under it, rotate the drum and the lid falls down and dumps the contents straight into the wheelbarrow.


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Very cool. Both of these are nice rigs.
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Nice composters.... both of them..... Dave
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