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Little Sunday afternoon Wagyu/Angus beef ribs

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So we've got this killer source for Wagyu/Angus beef here in town at our local farmers market in Denver- some of the best meat I've ever had!  Couldn't pass up the beef ribs yesterday, and tossed them on about an hour and a half ago- should be some delicious dinner!  Also had to toss in a picture of the Harbor Freight special log splitter- makes dealing with a stickburner much, much easier since it really does great with the little splits that our local firewood place won't sell to anyone but restaurants! Pics below, going to do a naked smoke, spraying with apple juice every half hour or so after the first hour.


half and half rub- testing a new one against the skin and bones stuff I bought last summer




After the first hour or so



The mighty log splitter!







Nice small splits- small logs=small hot fire=TBS!



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cheers.gifWaiting for the results, I have some smoking now, 20 minutes they are coming off.


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Nice- Decided to add some smoked eggs and ABT's into the mix- went with cream cheese and pepperoni, cream cheese and parm, and cream cheese and blue cheese..... should be a tasty little appetizer




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Ribs are looking good icon14.gif

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Almost ready to pull the ribs, but had to start with a smoked deviled egg or two.






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And time to grub- thanks for looking!







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Very nice smoke ring, looks great! I have eggs on my list also .,,,,,,,,,

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Time well spent there!  Nice smoke ring.  I like to test rubs and sauces the same way = use half on one side/different combinations.

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Awesome smoke ring jaw-dropping.gif


Those ribs look Fantastic!!!!

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Those look great!  I've read some about the Wagyu/Angus crosses raised in CO, pretty interesting to anyone with a ranch background.  I've got to try it someday, guess a trip to Colorado Springs should be added to the planner.

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They turned out really good- the new rub with a little bit of sage and some additional onion powder added to the mix was a winner- I can't wait to get a brisket from Callicrate- that's the guy in the springs- they head up here for a farmers market every week, so lucky me!

I tell you what- I never was able to get that kind of smoke ring until I got the stick burner!  I am looking forward to the fan and controller getting here so I don't have to tend the damned thing so much!

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Guess I probably should have spelled it right if I'm going to post about it eh?  Very good meat- we get ribeye steaks from them every week, always amazing flavor- I've had pure Wagyu before, and I actually like the Wagyu/Angus better tbth.

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The ribs look fantastic!

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