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Smoked Pastrami

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Hardest part of making a Pastrami is to wait for it to finish brining for 10 days but well worth waiting for.  Finally!!!!  And here it is! 



Tri Tip Fresh out of the brine!!!




Coated with EVOO and blend of pickling spices and other herbs and spices




Fresh out of the smoker!!!  By the way I made the baking dish in Pottery class.




Here is the Pastrami Sliced and ready for sammies!  015.JPG

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Looks great!  Absolutely delicious!

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Yum! Mine is on the smoker as I type. Looks great!

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Looks good, I want to try this.

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Nice job!


Good luck and good smoking.

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If you have never made your own pastrami it is a must do for avid smokers!!!  I started making our own lunch meat when hubby and I got together.  He breaks out in hives because of some of the ingredients in commerical lunch meats.  So I started making my own.  I have a website and I am  going to starts ad on 3-15 in fact there is a button on the right of the page on smoking forum.  click on the my button on this site and it will take you there.  I have a kit there of everything you need including recipes for pastrami, brining turkey, chicken etc.    Check it out you at least you will see the ingredients that you will need. 


Ivie (smokin' vegas)

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Great looking pastrami!

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Man it looks great

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Looks GREAT...Pastrami is ON MY LIST!!!!!!


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Looks great. What made you decide on using a tri-tip? I bet it's awesome.

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We have had better luck with tri tip and just like tri tip better than brisket.  We found it to be moister and more tender.  Basically it is what worked for us.

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That's a good cut. I'm sure it makes great strami.

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