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Congratulations to the entrants.... the dishes were incredible....  The amount of work that you all put in to them was beyond words...  

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Congrats to all of you, especially the winners! You all did a wonderful job!

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Good job everyone! I wonder how much bacon gets eaten annually just from SMF members?!

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Congrats to both of you. One of those is the one I voted for. Nice job.

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Now that it shows who made what I now my competition for next time!! duel.gif


Great job everyone! I wish I could've tasted them all!


Moikel  - did you make the blood sausage? I would definitely order your appetizer plate!! You made an insane amount of tasty creative treats there. Was the octopus leg chewy? If not, that sounded amazing...I could probably eat 50 of those..

ChefJimmyJ - I bet those tasted phenomenal! If we all could have tasted the entries, I think those might have won.

Smokin PigSkins - I am definitely trying the cucumber slice next time with my smoked trout dip.

pjl-VBTs - The pickled pepperoncini's sounded fantastic and I'll have to try those for sure.

luv2eat - I love venison heart and I never thought of eating it that way. I have a couple hearts in my freezer and one will end up like yours. Thanks!

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I am not a sausage maker & if I was blood sausage would put some strain on my marriage!I buy the spanish version here,morcilla made by Rodriguez family. Happily available 5 minutes from my office. I had morcilla with the apple,radish & dressing in a tapas bar,I  just adapted it by adding scallop. It was seriously good,sherry vinegar worth chasing down.

Octopus is one of those size things,I got seriously big O'pus for that.Poached legs in water,bay leaf,lemon,garlic,parsley NO SALT. When they are pink & soft ish ,cool de skin de sucker then heres the trick. Freeze them. When you want to start again they are super soft. Just clean them up,wrap grill .O'pus throws a lot of salt when boiled & the prosciutto will be salty enough when you grill. 

I was also going to do Viet sugar cane prawns but I  rushed it & it didnt make cut.Sugarcane can now chimney on MES.

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Cool, the Opus legs sounded & looked fantastic! I've never had blood sausage but I'll try anything once! Well..I'm not sure I'd try some of the things Zimmern eats on Bizarre Foods..Like the sluggy worms from the logs... barf..  I did try a Durian fruit once and I thought it was good and bad and I don't care if I had another one ever again!



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Long list of variations of blood sausage,I  remember  it as a kid thinking who would eat that. Its actually great as part of big breakfast,Belfast fry they call it in Ireland.I have with eggs for breakfast when wifes away or with fried apples & a splash of brandy to deglaze pan as main course. The Irish & Scottish versions are also very good .

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Congrats to all the winners, I cannot wait to see what my competition will be like for the March throwdown.

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Either I missed a thread or two but if so many voted for these two chaps, it'd be great to see some recipes! 

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Congrats to all who entered and especially to David and Smokin Pigskins

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Congrats to all that entered! It was tough choosing.

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Congrats! Both dishes looked amazing!

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