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Wood in Las Vegas?

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I'm new to this.  Trying to find a good source of smoking/BBQ'ing woods in Las Vegas area.  Craiglist searches of "firewood" has been less than satisfactory.  Found a guy who was going to bring some red oak back from CA, was supposed to call me when he got it, but he never called and I've lost his number. 


I did get some mulberry, but I'd love to find that red oak source, or something similar. 


Help in Las Vegas anyone?



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Are you looking for chunks, chips, or splits?  I imagine chunks or chips should be fairly easy to find at a grocery, but splits are going to be a toughr choice.  Maybe they sell mesquite locally?




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Looking for splits.  Groceries sell pine firewood, generally.  Mesquite is available, but I keep reading that it burns too hot, or that it makes the meat bitter if you leave it on smoke for too long.  I've heard (as a newbie my information is probably pretty poor!) is that restaurants use mesquite for a couple hours, then keep it at temp with gas for the remainder of the time, and that if you leave it on mesquite for 8 or 10 hours it will over-smoke what you're trying to cook.  Is that true? 


If mesquite really is good for a long BBQ at 225 degrees or so, and it won't oversmoke the meat if you leave it on for the duration, I'll get some.  Really would like to find that red oak, though... . 



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I'm also in Vegas & have been a lurker on these forums for some time now.  Since I hadn't seen a solid response to you, I thought I'd let a fellow smokie in on a local tip. 


There's a place on N. Nellis called Allied Charcoal..website: http://nevadahotwood.com/ 


They don't advertise and even driving by you hardly notice it.  Anyhow, they've got everything!  They supply to most of the restaurants in town.  Pricing is great, relative at least to what you pay retail at bbq stores/department stores/home improvement stores.


I just picked up some charcoal and wood chunks for myself this morning.  Participating in the amateur rib competition at the Mandalay Bay tomorrow.  1st time competing.  I certainly cut my teeth on info from these forums and have done about 10 smokes now in the last 2 years...very satisfied with the progress.


Good luck,


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been using these guys a few years..http://stores.vaughnwoodproducts.com/StoreFront.bok


great prices for competition wood!

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not sure of the address but there is a place on nellis between washington and bonanza yellow building on east side

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not sure of the address but there is a place on nellis between washington and bonanza yellow building on east side all kinds of cooking wood

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I agree, at the north nellis spot, they have all ya need to smoke and camp/fireplace. Im in Mississippi right now and moving back to Vegas and thats where I get my wood. Mississippi doesn't advertise any smoking wood so had to buy at walmart. Tooooooooo expesive and no fruit woods.

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I am also new to this forum and have the same problem getting wood. The guy on Nellis is WAY over priced.

I live it St George UT and have had some luck getting bits of wood from local fruit orchards in the spring. The problem is, the pieces are small and have to be split to expose the wood which is really time consuming. If you don't do this, the smoke is acrid.

I am currently checking out some of the older apple and pecan orchards in the area to see if I can get bigger chunks.

I'll post if or when I find something useful.

Meanwhile, has anyone considered a group buy? Hard wood and nut wood is plentiful and cheap in the mid West and south- the big expense is shipping it. Perhaps there may be interest in buying a pallet of hickory or something and sharing the shipping.

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Continuing- I have friends in Arkansas and Texas who would probably hook us up with at least Hickory and post oak (great brisket).

Let us know-

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SMOKIN25- They don't advertise smoking wood back there because the pits usually go get their own. Try looking for firewood- most of the wood back there is hardwood. You have to dig deeper than the yellow pages. When I lived in Arkansas, you could but hardwood fire wood on the side of the road for $50-60 per 1/2 a cord. Worked just fine, and I kick myself for not hauling a bunch back when I moved back out here. The guy selling the wood usually knows what it is.

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Try this place



http://www.nevadahotwood.com/  here is their link  they a large variety of wood and wood pellets


To see their prices click on options that is listed with each type of wood.

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