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Holy Smoke Ring, Batman! 


Just finished Jeff's Tri-tip recipe.  And what an easy smokin' experience the MES 30 was.  First time out of the box.  No fuss, no muss.  Rubbed the meat last night, aged  in the fridge 'till morning, placed in smoker around 11:00  a.m., (I slepted late on Spring Forward weekend) and forgive me Lord, I didn't go to church today. But set temp at 205, I didn't know what the box would do, so just guessed.  Three hours later, inside meat was 145, removed it, sliced it and juicy, tender, medium, just like Jeff said it would be.  Used good old Texas Mesquite chips, both wet and dry.  Had water in the pan.  That MES 30 did a great job.  Ribs are in it now, along with a couple of Fajita slabs.  


For the first time to be used, I'm giving my Little Mom Moo, the MES 30, 5 stars.  Sure was easy.  Great for a bad weather day when you can't fire up the log smoker. 


The Lone Realtor


P.S.  I'm a mustard kind of guy who uses the mustard to hold the rub to the meat.  Any comments?

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We Love Pictures....Get out the Camera and share the Q-View with us!!!!icon14.gif

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Have fun with your MES. Mustard makes a fine base to get rub to stick
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You know what they say,,,,,,,no-pics.png

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Here's Jeff's new Tri-tip recipe right out of the smoker. 145 degrees dead center, medium rare in the middle and tender.   So, it happened! And the Lone Realtor Rides Again!   Well, IT happened!   Just like Jeff said it would.  Went to my favorite butcher, told him I wanted a Bottom Sirloin and he said, "You mean a Tri-tip Sirloin?"  And I said that's OK with me.  Bought two of them, about 3 lbs. a piece. One for me and one for my neighbor. 

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That is so funny about the bottom sirloin/tri tip !!!  I need to try the mustard rub first then seasoning thing.  Read where a lot of people do that think I will get some pork ribs and try it.


Smokin' Vegas

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Thick Worcestershire sauce works well on beef instead of mustard.


Your tri-tip looks delicious!

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

Thick Worcestershire sauce works well on beef instead of mustard.


Your tri-tip looks delicious!

I am going to have to order some of that online.  I can't find it here!




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Looks good. Wally world here has the Thick Worcestershire

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