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Brandied Double Smoked Ham

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I combined 1/2 cup of brandy and a 1/2 of brown sugar and a 1/4 teaspoon of cloves blended well and injected into the ham.






I smoked it in my Cajun Injection Smoker at 250 degrees for 5 hours.  It turned out so good we couldn't stop eating it. 




I started making these last December.  I have ended up making one of these at least once a month since then.  My daughters each got one these for Valentines.  Nothing better than a double smoked ham.  I always used hickory for double smoked ham.  Really, really good.

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Beautiful looking Ham!!!! I love double smoked Ham...You can make so many wonderful meals out of them. Must have been ham day yesterday...i did one in the smoker also.icon14.gif

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The ham looks great  drool.gificon14.gif

Love the Brandy idea

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That ham looks Mmm, Mmm Goooooood, Smokin Vegas! It's making me drool all over my key board.drool.gif

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Nice Ham !!!  Bet it tasted  great.

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You have to try the brandied thing it is so good!!!!  Makes a really great holiday ham. I tried apple juice and brown sugar then bourbon and brown sugar.  I found that the brandy and brown sugar was the best of the three. 

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Looks awesome.
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I'll have too try thisLooks-Great.gif. I already usually double smoke my hams but the injection sounds wonderful, and may just put it over the top. 

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The ham looks fantastic!

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