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2nd smoke - 3.5 lb outside round roast

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thought id try a roast in the smoker today - picked up a 3.5lb outside round - rubbed it down with EVVO, mrs dash southwest chipotle spice, and a medley of fresh garlic, oregano, basil, chives, white onion and rosemary...... this was yesterday....



had it wrapped over night in the fridge


now that im into it i think i may have put it on a little early....only time will tell i guess




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Looks dang good!  What temp you smokin' at?

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about 225 to 230

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3.5 hours in - IT of getting so hungry haha

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so my horribly timed dinner roast is at 156* IT and coming out of the smoker - wrapped it up in foil and a towel - 2 hours to go til dinner haha......guess i figured wrong at 1.5 hours per pound.... - roast looks and smells amazing.....just hope it tastes as good as it looks - ill add more once i slice it up


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hahahaha.....i was just thinking about this........this is the first time ive EVER cooked a roast...never even cooked a roast in the oven.....2nd smoke and first ever roast

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We have a found that when smoking beef a cut that has a cap of fat on it and good marbling comes out moister than one that doesn't.  I was in the wholesale store and a gentleman that is a chef here in Vegas was in there buying meat and I asked his recommendation and that was his advice.  Tested and he was so right.

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this roast had a 3/4 inch cap which i trimmed down a little....didnt want quite that much.......and was amazingly marbled......i was surprised it was only 3.99/lb - in the picture above you cant really see the cap cause its facing the back of the box....and it pulled back a little......

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roast unwrapped and first slice.....looks so good!!!!




Final plating with mashed taters, broccoli, and button mushrooms and onions fried in EVVO and garlic


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It looks awesome thumb1.gif

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it was sooooooo good......nice and tender and juicy 

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Looks good from my house!

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Wowsey! Nice pics! You have inspired me. Having only smoked pork and poultry since I got my smoker December of last year I will for sure try a beef roast this coming weekend. Thanks for sharing.

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Great job terry

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Great looking plate Terry!

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thanks guys :)

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