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2nd Round of Canadian Bacon

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I used up "almost" all of the first Canadian bacon, and thought it best to make more before I actually ran out.


I didn't get pictures of prep or curing.  I did cure using Mortons sugar cure, with brown sugar and maple syrup mixed in.  This is after 17 days in the fridge.




Finished product, pulled at 145 deg, drifted to about 152, starting to cut it up:




Nice slabs perfect for English muffin sandwiches w/ egg and cheese!




Bagged up and ready for the freezer! (29 bags of 3 or 4 pieces):




Thanks for looking! and thanks for maintaining such a great web forum for all the help and support provided!!

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Very Nice! What brand of food sealer are you using? Are you happy with it? I am getting ready to buy one and wouldlovesome input. Thanks, Jeff

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I have the Food Saver v3825, got it at the local CostCo.  I like it a lot, however it will over heat if you are doing many seals, I had to stop about every 5 - 9 bags and open it to let it cool for about 10 minutes before continuing, but that was after sealing the first side of 20 custom cut bags. 


I know a few guys on here that have mentioned they have 2 sealers and can still overheat them when doing a lot of sealing at once.

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Thanks for the info Talan!

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Good looking CB! Nice job!

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Looks Great!  Bet it was tender, too!

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