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Phenomenal Pulled Pork!

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Did this pulled pork recently.


Came out amazing! Bought, Trimmed, rubbed with oil, rubbed with rub, wrapped overnight, pulled out about an hour before cooking it and into the box it went for a total of about 12 hours.I had it in an aluminum pan the entire time.I also had the trimmed fat from the fat cap on the rack above the butt so that when it rendered, it would drip onto the butt. It was about 7-7.5 lbs after trimming. When it hit 170 degrees, I added honey and brown sugar, and a little turbinado on top, covered it all with foil, and finished it out that way until 205 degrees. Used maple and hickory wood. Let sit for about 35-45 minutes after cooking and pulled using Bear Claws( i love those things!)


I have probably done about 25 butts in this smoker over the past year. Maybe more. I got a great bark on this one. Probably the best I have ever got. Now, I know that many people say that getting bark with the MES30 is near impossible, but it can be done. I think the turbinado made a huge difference.


raw butt.jpg


rubbed butt.jpg


Done Butt 1.jpg


Done Butt 2.jpg

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wowsers..... that looks good! Look at that bone FALLING OUT too! awesome work man!

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That looks great! I got outstanding bark on the one I did in the MES 40 and didn't foil it.

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Great looking butt! I am a big believer in the turbinado as well.

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what rub did you use? and what temp?








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Used my own secret rub. .. Its actually pretty basic.. the secret is how it is put together. 

Cooked on 235-240 the entire time.


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Great job  drool.gificon14.gif


Did the sugar and honey make the pork taste sweet?

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Looks delicious!

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nice bark sausage.gif

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Looks great! I have thought about trying one in a foil pan, I think the next one I do I will.

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Looks great. Did you foil the pan at 165 or just let it ride in the pan up to ~200. Thanks.

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