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The Jerky World???

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Does anyone have a good info and or positive feedback on starting your own small


jerky business?  I would be starting small in a building on my property.

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Check with your local dept of agriculture.. They will be able to help you.....




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Check out your zoning... A lot of people start small business's on their property and end up biting themselves in the rear

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What the first two said! Where I live we are not permitted to have a small business on our property.

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i've actually been looking into doing this as well, i live in FL and contacted my local Dept. of Ag which was based out of Atlanta,Ga.  They basically told me it's a no-go for doing this out of the house :(  which means you need a professional kitchen and spend 10's of 1000's of dollars to get it started! 


if you find out anything more i'd love to hear. i looked for rentalable kitchen space locally but found nothing.

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if you're selling via farmers markets and the like i dont think they can really stop you from running something like that from home

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