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Pulling the butt

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Hey guys its been a while since ive been on. My old computer died a while back and really havent been able keep up with the site.


Anyhow I am getting ready to do my first butts in a couple of days. I think i got a pretty good method so far but i was not really sure of the best way to actually pull it. Do i leave the fat cap on or is it really a matter of personal preference?


Also I just ordered the Maverick ET732. I'm looking forward to putting it to good use! 


Thanks in advance!

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Get some rubber gloves and start pulling .
before you start to pull it apart take the fat cap off.
And you will love the Maverich 732.
Had mine over a year now . Smoke every weekend with lots of 12+ hours days
and it works great every time
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Thanks for the input! I cant wait to fire up the smoker!



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I use a couple giant forks. When the wife pulls it she separates the fat and took it out, when I pull it I leave the fat in there for juice and flavor when reheating. I also eat the fat off of a good steak, and gnaw on the bone, where some throw it away. Makes the dogs unhappy but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


I know it is not healthy but it tastes so good!

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I use my gloved hands to seperate the bone and big muscles, I remove some of the biggest pieces of fat, gristle, veins, and other unsavory bits. Then I employ a cpl of those big serving forks because it makes those long nice strings. I leave a little fat in: like Harley, I think it adds to the flavor and juiciness.

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I agree with these guys, pulling by hand is the best way. Whether you choose to leave some fat in or take it all out, it's much easier by hand than with forks or Bear claws.

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Thanks again guys. Im glad i didnt waste my money buying the bear claws


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I got another question for you guys, if I am spritzing the butt, would you recommend using some type of finishing sauce as well or would that be overkill?

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Use this  finishing sauce and you will never do PP without it.

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Yea - I have to whole heartedly agree with Tom C that this Q finishing sauce is the greatest!!!!  I just made some for my x2 butts currently on the smoker.

Also regarding the bear claw vs. fork - I use some over sized forks.  Like HarleySmoker, when using this method the PP is left with nice long strings.


Can't wait to get to the pulling....

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Thanks for the recipe for the finishing sauce! Like i said before, I cant wait to get the smoker going. Im getting ready to go to Wilcox county here in Alabama and split some cherry wood. My buddy just cut down a 40 footer and it will be in the firebox shortly after that!

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I use bear claws and my hands to pull mine. I also pour all of the juices out of the pan into a gravy separator then add the defatted juices back to the meat after pulling. If you don't have a separator you can use a gallon size plastic bag. Pour all the juices in the bag and the fat will float to the top. Hold the bag up and have someone cut the corner off of the bag. Before you get to the fat layer just quickly take the bag away.

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