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Fruits on the grill

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When I lived in Maine we would grill almost every day in the summer, I loved it! Nothing like catching a nice striped bass then throwing it on the grill for dinner that night. We tried to grill a lot of stuff, and for fruits it doesn't get any better than pineapple on the grill.

Trim the outer skin off of the pineapple and cut into long sections avoiding the hard inner core. we would usually cook on the top part of the grill while the meat was cooking then transferring it to a hotter part to finish cooking. Makes for a great side with your meal, or for a dessert. You can also try a sprinkle of brown sugar, cinnamon, or both. Either way it is so delicious. The heat from the grill cuts down the acidity of the fruit and makes it super sweet. It's also a big thing in Brazil, I went to one restaurant where the pineapple was sprinkled in cinnamon placed on a spit, grilled whole and served for dessert. they bring it out on the skewer and cut you off a slab.


Also another fruit I found works well are peaches. Take a nice ripe peach and cut around to half it. Remove the core and grill on a slotted metal pan. When the peaches become soft they're ready, but first add a sprinkle of brown sugar to the pit. This is SO good! It's actually the only way I eat peaches.


I highly recommend trying both of these if you haven't already, I promise you... you will not be disappointed!

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Now I love to grill anything. Heck I'd grill a Nike shoe if I thought it might taste good. So happy Grillin

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Have to agree w/ mark, If i think it might taste good it gets smoked or grilled


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This is interesting. Earlier, I was at Costco's looking at pineapple and wondering about how it would taste grilled. Guess what I'm going to buy tomorrow. Lol
Thanks for the posting.
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If you can find the BIG peaches, cut in half, de seed.  Make a butter/brown sugar glaze, coat with the glaze and grill for about 10 min face down.  Turn it over, glaze again and grill for 10 min again.  Remove, serve a la mode and enjoy.  Didn't mean to hi jack, just love fruit on the grill ;)

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I'm a big fan of Grilled Fruits and Veggies . I enjoy grilled Asparagus topped with Balsamic Vinegar , or Lemons for the Fish you Grilled .


Let your imagination go , try anything ... Bananas are good split with Br. Sugar and placed skin down right on the grate , when it gets soft , dig in...  OR ...  maybe some Strawberries ( in a grill pan ) heated to steamy hot and tossed with some of the Balsamic , a very tasty treat .


The list goes on , lettuce , Cabbage ....


Have fun...

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Over the weekend I put a pineapple on the grill. I put the pineapple in different locations of the charcoal grill. Going with direct vs. indirect heat. Obviously the better tasting pieces were indirect heat. I had to continue flipping the fruit. I'm now sold.

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I have actually never grilled any fruit before with the exception of having some papaya on a skewer once. We had just harvested our first papaya off the tree, and wanted to use it in as many ways as possible.


I will have to start trying to grill with fruit more often because the papaya worked out far better than expected. I thought it might be too soft for the grill, but it held up much better than expected!

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Pineapple is very good when it grilled

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Try baked apples (or pears made the same way) in a pan on the grill.  You won't regret it.



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Really? I've tried this, but always baked in an oven. I assume you mean slow-cooked with the lid down?


Do you sear off the apples and pears directly on the grill before putting them in the pan? I'd love more details. Thanks!

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Sorry it took so long to reply.  I don't get on this site so often.  I was looking for a dessert I could do on the bbq.  I like doing the whole meal, veggies and all, on the bbq.  Why dirty the kitchen and the bbq?   Anyway, I saw a recipe for baked apples (cored and stuffed with spices, raisins, graham crackers) and thought I'd give it a try.  I prepped the apples (or pears are even better) and put them in a disposable foil baking tin and covered with some tin foil.  I stuck them over indirect heat about 45 minutes before the meat was done and closed the lid.  When I pulled the meat and veggies off, I loosened the foil "lid" so some smoke could get at it. We served and ate dinner.  By the time dinner was finished, the apples were ready.  I pulled them off and served dessert with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Tossed the foil pan and dishes were done except the plates and forks.  Easy as can be.



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When in season, one of my favorite fruits to grill are watermelon slices sprinkled with sea salt, fresh lime juice, and ancho chile powder. A little sprinkle of good tequila is a welcome addition.

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I love grilled pineapple chunks skewered between shrimp body and tail with a teryaki marinade.  Also can't beat a cored and peeled pear.  Happy grilling.

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