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Welcome TSM

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Most of you may know that TSM: The SausageMaker folks have joined the SMF.


Just want to welcome them here. They are Pros at sausage making of all sorts and i'm sure they will give very valuable information on all aspects of sausage making. We can all learn from TSM.


Welcome Mac and TSM Team.

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Welcome TSM! 

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TSM Team, welcome....  Looking forward to having you here at our humble forum....  Dave

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Welcome to SMF it's nice to have ya. Great people and lots of info. Have fun and happy smoking.

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Have fun and Happy smoking :)
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Welcome to the SMF Family...Looking forward to all the info...JJ

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Welcome to SMF there TSM. I didn't know that they joined but I'm looking forward to see what they bring to the table.

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Welcome to the forum. Glad to have folks with your experience here 

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welcome1.gif. Hope to gain some more knowledge from more experts. sausage.gif

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welcome1.gif Have some hog caseings just wainting on a new recipe.
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Welcome.   Nice to have you with us.

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WOW great member!! I've been really reading up & working on getting better on sausage. I recently ordered a few things through them. Nice to have them here. Sure their information will be invaluable!

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This place is turning into a real sausage fest!!!! Just kidding. Great to have some more experts on board. Welcome to the boards!



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Welcome to SMF! I was just on their website putting together an order!

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I've been using their products for years. Great to see them here .

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