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16 pound butt

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injected with some apple juice. then rubbed, 15 hours in the smoker at 225- 250. by golly them is some good vittles.

butt in.jpgbutt out.jpg

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Looks like well invested time.

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looks good, that is a big butt lol


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16 lbs...... holy butt moley................30.gif



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I wish I had a PP sandwich right about now... Man that looks good !!!

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My what a huge butt you have.icon_eek.gif

Seriously--that takes low and slow to a whole new level.

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WOW, a 16 lb butt in 15 hours! 

Must have had a (no stall) butt.


The color is perfect  thumbsup.gif

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Nice. Great color.
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The butt looks fantastic!

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Wow 16 lbs! That looks like some great pork butt

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Looks-Great.gifJust curious, did you weight it after?   Was wondering how much it lost after 15hours. 

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As the song goes..."I like big butts"...looks great, nicely done

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I am a butt guy, and yours looks pretty good to me!

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That is a nice butt. drool.gif
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bootylicious indeed  sausage.gif

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How am I the first one to post this in a thread about a 16 lb butt?



Nice work man.  That's beautiful.

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