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curing bacon

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Hi guys, I am Michael James and new to site, I live in NSW on the land, can anyone please tell me ratio of BRINE for bacon. I looked at the Calculator table and did not undestand a thing. I like wet curing using Kosher Salt, Sodium Nitrate, sugar, Mollases, Mustard, mapple Sydrup., if I have 1 kg Pork belly, all I need know is how much Salt, Sugar, Nitrate, Water to use?? Pls help

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and where does one buy these ingredients from such Nitrate and Kosher salt?

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Look over this link.  I understand it is a pretty reliable brine and it may help out a bit.  The calculator you are looking at may be for dry cure which is a different procedure.  I also recommend purchasing Cure 1   Sodium Nitrite cure.  It's available on line from many sources.



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