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Finding Bear Paws locally

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Just a quick question. Looking for a pair of bear paws like these...


Only problem is I don't have time to wait on the shipping. Anyone know where to pick up a pair or something similar locally? Thanks




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Kinda hard for ppl to help you since they dont know where "Locally" is. And if you dont have time to wait for S&H, then just do it the old fashioned way. Hands, Serving Forks, Regular forks.

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I always pull by hand. You get bigger chunks & it's easier to pick the fat out. A double pair of latex gloves will keep your hands cool enough while your pulling the pork.

Also would you update your profile info to include your location. Thanks!

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I have 2 serving forks and use them to break up the pork then hands to finish like Al mentioned 

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I saw them at our Bed Bath and Beyond last fall and decided against them at the time. After stewing about it for a week I went back in and they were gone! So I asked for them at Christmas time and got them from my Sister-in-law and can't do without them.

So I'd look for a B B & B.

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My local Cabela's has carried them in the past, not sure if you have one near you or not.

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