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Home made drum

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I know people are cautions of giving out how to information on this project, but I have a 250- 275 gallon clean oil drum I want to turn into a grill or slow cooker. If anyone has plans, photo or advise, I would really appreciate it. I'll buy plans if you sell them.

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I know people are cautions of giving out how to information on this project,

Go to  the forum section on build and look at reverse flow, http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/f/201/reverse-flow.

Not sure why you think people are cautious about giving information. I have found everyone around here is more then willing to help if asked.

Please try using the search too lots of good information,. http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/search.php?search=Propane+tank+build


Also maybe one of the mods can move your post,. I believe your question might be better placed in the build section.


Good Luck and keep us posted. We like to see pictures :)



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Thanks for the information. I have found that due to the unknowns about what was in the drum in earlier use, most folks do not want to step inside the liability loop of giving advise on using a used drum for a grill.  That's all I meant by that statement.

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I agree with Fish and say that you should look in the build section of this site. There you will find all the info that you should need for a sucessfull build. Good luck and don't forget the Q-view (pictures)  

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Is it a 275 home heating oil drum? Sort of oval in shape? I've used one for whole hog cooking (see my profile pic) I also know there have been a couple very nice RF builds posted here too.


Good luck, look forward to the pic's and progress

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Here is a link to a photo how to on building one style of these cookers.



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