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HELP  Am still trying to find another on-line source to purchase the 40" Masterbuilt Elec Glass Door Smoker other than Sam's.  Can anyone else outthere help?  Sam's price is $300.00, but have to pay the sales tax.  Looking to find another source.  Please help.





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Masterbuilt is getting ready to launch a redesigned MES 30 and 40 any day. So if you want a 40 at $299 jump on it because the new ones will be between $400 and $500!...JJ

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Great, what timing. I just bought my MES 30. I noticed that pulled the seller from their site because of complaints with the units that shipped. MIne is fine, except for the places where the black enamel coating on the exterior rubbed off showing white primer paint or something. I plan to spray it with flat black enamel paint to hide the physical imperfections.


But I hate to buy something just before it's redesigned. But if it boosts the price $100-200, then I'm fine with what I have.