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First time with Chicken Quarters in my MES

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my first time with chicken quarters in the MES, have done this many times on the grill, and everyone here says these are better than any in the past . .

quarters in pickle juice.jpg

I soak my chicken in Famous Dave's Spicy Pickle juice over night

dave's pickles.jpg

after an over night soaking I ground up some of my dried peppers from last year and made my rub, also with a little ground pepper, salt, garlic, dried mustard, onion powder, paprika, Italian seasonings, brown sugar

dried peppers 2.jpg


chicken quarters with rub and ready for smoker.jpg

patted dry, not rinsed, applied rub on and under the skinchicken quarters from the MES.jpg

around two hours in MES with cherry wood, pull at 185, wrapped in foil and towels while rest of dinner was finishing up on stove top

sunday night dinner.jpg

I'd say it was just about as perfect as any of my chicken has ever came out . .  the pickle juice adds a very unique flavor . . . give it a try some time


all comments or additional tip are welcome..






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That looks very good, well done.

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Great looking chicken thumb1.gif


I have tried a pickle juice injection on pork butts before but never on chicken. May have to give it a try.

Thanks for the Qview

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It looks delicious!

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Looks good and the pickle juice idea sounds like a nice twist.

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