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spare ribs SOW cut

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our meat market has a box labled pork spare ribs SOW cut ,  the box weighs about 12-14 lbs for a total of $14.95 for the entire box not per lb. anyone heard of this cut?

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I am not sure and I know someone will know.  That being said a Sow is a female adult pig. So I am guessing that they come from an older pig,

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The bones will be twice the size of regular!  Sow is a older animal!

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I would ask the butcher what they are. For a little over a buck a pound, might be worth a try.

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Sow ribs are Exactly what I would buy every time if given the chance. There is a restaurant in my hometown who has won numerous awards for their Ribs, and they use exclusively Sow Ribs, way more meat than a Gilt or Barrow. Gilt equals a female pig who has never had a Litter. Barrow is a male who was castrated before he could become a Boar. 

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I have heard of SOW being a female pig but I have never seen pork ribs labeled sow. Now I have shopped in mant different sorces to. From big name markets it old timie butcher shop to modern day butchers. So It's a question I personally can't answer.

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Thanks for replies I will try these this weekend

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