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1st Brisket, Not a good start

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Hey Guys,

I'm working on my first brisket, thing are not going well.

I was going to smoke yesteray, but it was pouring rain. When I got up t 6:30 this moring it was raining again!

So I slipped on my crocs and headed out the back door. When I got to the edge of the porch I lost traction and

went down the steps. I'm not sure exactly how, but I landed on my feet on the patio. I think I pulled a muscle in my leg.

 O well, I get everything set up insde the garage next to the door with a fan blowing the smoke outside.

I insert my brand new Master Forge wireless thermometer (Range: 100ft) and go inside for some coffee. Of course I'm not getting a reading, so I have to go outside in the rain to check the temp.


It's been on for 4 hours now, and it's stopped raining. IT is at 160, so I'll be wrapping soon.

Sorry, no pics yet, I just didn't have it in me.

Stay tuned!

- Jay

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WOW!!  You ok?  Sounds like you ought to spend the rest of the day on the couch in front of the flat screen.

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Good luck Jay, it has to get better!

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...when BBQ fights back....this better be worth it...  :)

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You have an IT of 160 after only 4 hours? That seems kind of quick. Is this a small brisket? What is your smokebox temp?

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Well, I got everything moved outside, foiled the meat about an hour ago.

 It did seem to get up to 160 pretty quick, took 2 more hours to get to 170 though.

I'll be coolering it in about 20 min, then an hour and half till family gets here at 5.

Looks like its going to be okay. thumbsup.gif

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Psycho Dad, my hat is off to you brother.... you had a hell of a start to your day and now you're doing Combat Smoking for the family.  I commend you sir and wish you nothing but the best!  I hope it all turns out great and you're feeling better after that tumble....


May your next smoke be full of sunshine, warm weather and high traction steps....


Enjoy that meal, you truly deserve it!



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Now that is one determined die hard Smoker!!!!!  

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Wow Jay, sorry about your luck, maybe if you have the room you can build a small shed like structure to put in your MES in for future rain outs.


Hope everything from here on in gets better for you

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Everything turned out great!  Meal was served on time (for once!), and boy was it good.










I used Jeff's rub, spritzed with Jack Daniels & apple juice (I usually drink the leftovers). If anyone has not tried Dutch's Mahogany sauce, I highly recommend it.

The meat was moist and tender and had a nice apple wood flavor. There were four of us, and there's barely enough left for a couple of sandwiches.


My leg is still a little sore, but all in all it was a successfull smoke. I'll be doing more briskets soon.

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Thanks big Casino, yeah, I do have a carport behind the garage, didn't think about it this morning. Lack of sleep I guess.

That MES needs handles or wheels, its had to pick up without sloshing your drip pan.

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Glad your ok and glad the meal turned out great. looks very good from where I am.

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Great job on the brisket, It's great when dinner is on time biggrin.gif



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WOW what an adventure...I don't know what Crocs you like but I can Guarantee these Shoes for Crews will keep you from wiping out so easily...Been wearing them for years and I can spend 10 hours on my feet comfortably and hustle across wet or greasy tile floors with out slipping...Great Shoes, lots of Styles to choose from and Cheaper than Crocs...JJ

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Sorry to hear about your fall and hope you heal quickly. The brisket looks outstanding though and the meal was a success! Good job!

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Meat looks great. Hope you get to feeling better..

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