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Is my flame OK ?

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I have a Smoke Hollow 38208G with a brass burner. I have good heat control for low to high heat. I'm just concerned about  how much is too much yellow in the flame. On low I have good blue flame with a touch of yellow at the tip, when I turn it up to Med. or High I have about 1 inch of blue with 2 to 3 inches of yellow flame. Is this too much yellow flame ? and if it is can something be done to change it ?

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Hopefully one of the more seasoned guys will chime in eventually but my new Masterbuilt unit is almost all blue no matter the throttle level so I would question how much yellow. Contact your manufacturer for clarification.

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I don't have a Gasser but I know you want mostly Blue with just the tips Yellow...You need to check tube alignment, make sure no obstuctions like Spiders and Air mix. Too little air will give a Yellow flame. Here is some threads that may help or contact customer service for Smoke Hollow, they are supposed to be really great and helpful...JJ

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