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2nd Attempt At Ribs On BGE Lots of Qview

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I got my large BGE last month and have used it several times.  Last weekend I tried spare ribs for the first time.  The ribs were a failure.  They tasted fine, but were really tough.  So no wanting to throw in the towel I decided to try again.  This time I bought a rack of St. Louis style ribs rather than cut my own from spare ribs.




I put the rub (Chris Lilly's rub recipe for pork butt) on the ribs, wrapped in plastic wrap and put in the fridge over night.



I put the ribs on the BGE at 225-230 with cherry and hickory wood for smoke.


After one hour.



After 2 1/2 hours.



I pulled the ribs a few minutes later and wrapped them with a little brown sugar and apple juice.



After almost two hours in the foil.



Ribs are sauced with Butcher BBQ sauce and on the BGE for the last step.



I did the bend test and the toothpick test.  Ribs are just about ready.



I left the ribs on the BGE for a few more minutes and then pulled them.



I would have liked a little more bone showing, but after the tough ribs on my first attempt the bend test and toothpick test told me the ribs were ready.



There is a smoke ring.



I tried the bite test that I've read about.  From what I read proper cooked ribs should pull away from the bone and leave a bite mark.



Dinner time.  I've served the ribs with frozen corn and homemade baked beans.



There is still room for improvement, but compared to my first attempt these are excellent.

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Look nice to only gets better!!!bravo1.png

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Well done.  Good lookin ribs!

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Looks-Great.gif. Try adding a bit more liquid when you foil, I didn't see much liquid in the pics. 

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Yeah put about 4 ounces of moisture in the foil and put them meat side down while in the foil . Pkerchef

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Congrats on another attempt! Honestly, until you make your own ribs, you don't know how good ribs taste and the best part is you tweak them to you and your family's liking.  Looks like a great start.

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Oh man that looks great! You hit a home run on those ribs.

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The ribs look fantastic! Nice job!

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