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OBJECTIVE:  Smoke even when raining, of cold and windy.  

PLAN: Bolt the garage door so wifey does not come in.  Place the mes30 near a window.  Run a flex pipe(dryer vent hose) from the MES exhaust up to the top of the window(while openthumb1%20copy.gif) this would make it about 6 feet above the MES exhaust.

ISSUES:  Some smoke may escape from the door gasket.  Opening the door on the MES for any reason could produce quite a bit of smoke.  


Only cooked a 6 lb brisket so far.  I had (have) a offset for years.  I love the MES even though it is somewhat un-traditional.th_dunno-1[1].gif


Yalls thoughts on the Mod?




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Get some type of exhaust fan.

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Someone on here did that same exact thing. If I can find the thread I will post it here.

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i have my mes sitting on my work bench  with the window right behind it  i open the window and have a fan  blowing  90% of the smoke goes out...10% makes garage smell real good lol . im thinking of  installing a "over the stove vent" for it 


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OBJECTIVE: Smoke even when raining, of cold and windy.

PLAN: Bolt the garage door so wifey does not come in......  THIS IS YOUR PLAN?

That my friend will solve the problem .or you will be in hospital or Divorced in both cases you don't have to worry about the smokeROTF.gif

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But you Honor, my client was intoxicated from the smoke permeating his garage.  With the lack of oxygen he had no concept of the consequences of locking his wife out of the house.  Therefore, we plead not guilty by reasons of Thin Blue Smoke intoxication.....


And we differ to the courts better judgement, and by the way, have a rib.....  Pssss try the home made sauce too!

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I have mine in the garage.  I just open the garage door and a small window above my mes.  Makes the garage, kitchen, my car & most of the house smell incredible.

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  russg, you may want to rethink your game plan. I have my MES40 in my work shop, which is not connected to my house, and it is in front of a window to exhaust the smoke through with the help of a box fan. It works fine handling the exhaust but falls way short when opening the door. If I open the door very slowly and turn the fan to high speed it isn't awful but smoke will get in the room.  I even installed a range hood to try to handle the smoke and it is nearly worthless. Maybe if I could have mounted it closer to the smoker it would have done better, but I think it needed to be much larger and more powerful.

 Here is a picture of my setup.


Exhaust system





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Our ol'friend Pignit (Dave) did the exhaust fan set up with good results. Here's a link to the thread.
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To minimize the smoke that escapes when the hatch is opened, put a inline exhaust fan in your exhaust vent pipe.  Turn the exhaust fan on before you open the hatch it will suck the smoke out of the chamber and then open the hatch, when done close hatch, turn off inline exhaust fan.



You can buy this here.


Or, you can make your own with a piece of either alum or Galv round pipe or long elbow, and a computer auxiliary fan motor.  If using a computer fan motor check the temperature at the point in the pipe you will be inserting the motor.  If over 200º  computer fan motor may not last long or may give off burning odor.


One way to avoid any issues with residual smoke leakage, would be to use a very low cfm inline fan, or maybe a variable speed so you can adjust until you get it just right.  The idea would be to create a negative pressure in the MES, which would suck all smoke out through the vent, and be pulling in fresh air from where ever the leakage would normally be.  You would have to play with this to get the right balance of air draw / wood chip combustion and hurt either the AMNS / AMNPS or MES chip tray smoking abilities.

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Thanks chuck!  I think the exhaust pipe thru the window(up high) may remove all the smoke but a door gasket leak and opening the door for any reason.


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