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Cold Smoke, Hot Smoke ????????

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I just bought 39 lbs. of pork bellies and I need to know the best way for me to smoke them. I live in southwest Louisiana and the outside air temp for today is about 79 degrees. Should I not cold smoke at that high of an ambient temp, or does it really matter. I do not want to mess these up. BTW I have an AMZNPS and an electric smoker, big smoke house is still under construction. I plan to dry cure these before smoking. Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

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Here is a link to very good Dry Cure Bacon Calculator from Bacon Guru AlBlancher...After the Cure Cold smoke it with the AMNPS at your current outside temp. The AMNPS should give about 10 hours of Smoke. Lot of folks Smoke any where from 4-24 hours...PM AL if you have specifics he is a Louisiana Guy...JJ

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The AMNPS will generate a small amount of heat but not enough to render any of the bacon fat. We cold smoke bacon here in Florida when it's 90 out & don't have any problems. You can always add a pan of ice in the smoker below the bacon to cool down the smoker temp. We do that for cheese.

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