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Shagbark Hickory....

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Anyone here ever use shagbark hickory for smoking, grilling...If so, what you think about it?

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Shadbark Hickory is fine for smoking. Has almost identical flavor to regular hickory.

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Interesting.  I thought hickory was hickory no matter what variety

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All the hickory trees have the same flavor to me.

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Shagbark hickory is fine for smoking.

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Pecan is a Hickory icon_eek.gif . but shag bark is ideal for most anything , I use a lot of Hickory:




Had a whole cord in there last August , need more and some more Cherry.




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The tree may be different, but the flavour will be very similar.

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Shagbark is wonderful stuff, I think Swamp is a bit better.
They're the only two I have to choose from on my place, both are in short supply, but thank God there's more Swamp because I need the Shagbark for the nuts.
Tons of Cherry and Maple.

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