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My UDS Build

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Here is my UDS Build. This is my Fourth Build. I have been making them for friends and family. I have been using a water pan in all of my build. I was curious if anyone else uses a water pan, and if so, what do you use for it? 






This is a my UDS with a side table and fire door. Build Number 4296808_10150750090580066_525950065_20059006_1728521_n.jpg



Here are some tri tips i smoked.. Came out really good! 


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Great looking build and great looking tri tips!  Got any Qview of them sliced?

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Very nice build Corey! Great addition with the shelf. Stop by and join our UDS group, we could use a seasoned builder to help any newbies.

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Nice looking UDS.  I haven't gotten around to putting shelves on mine as yet, but it's coming.Looks-Great.gif

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