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First fatty

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Smoked my first fatty weekend before last. Just now getting around to talk about it. Right now my smoker is my Weber kettle. Ill be getting a real one soon. I decided to do a pizza fatty. It had pizza sauce, pepper Jack cheese, onions, peperoni, and mushrooms. I tried to smoke at around 250, but it creep up to 300 a couple times. Still learning how to control temp on it. 42afacee-173d-b431.jpg

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Looks great !!!! icon14.gif
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Looks great! Might have to make one of those here soon.

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Thanks. It was good. But it didn't have the taste that I was expecting.

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looks great!! try adjusting your air intake to control the temp of your smoker if you have a charcoal or wood 

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I think I was making adjustments to fast. I have since read to wait about 15 minutes after making an adjustment before making another in order to let the temp settle.

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Looks good.  They get easier as you keep on making them.  And they are worth the trouble for sure!

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Your fattie looks delicious!

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That looks very very good.  You will learn more about the smoker as time goes.  You did an excellent job for sure though. 

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Looks good to me for a first attempt......I just made my first attempt last week and was happy with the results

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It only Takes one to become an addict you will be chasing that first fattie high.

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I did a pizza one a while back.  Here is what I put in it. I think the Cheese would make all the difference with yours. I don't remember the temperature I used, but it took me 6 hours in the smoker.




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Your fattie looks great.  I use a weber kettle for short smokes all the time.  They work great!

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