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Spares Practice w/Q-view

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My team and I smoked some spares and a chuck roast in preparation for our first contest.  Would love to know what you think of the Q-view.ribs small1.jpgribs small2.jpgribs small3.jpgribs small4.jpgchuck small2.jpgchuckie small1.jpgchuckie small3.jpg


Thanks for looking.  

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looks great to me icon14.gif

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Thanks!  I used a slightly modified 3-2-1 (less than 2 in the foil and almost no liquid, just honey and rub).  They came out really well.  I think they barked up nicely and they tasted very good.  Just using store bought rub for now, but working on something a little more original.  I always like rub suggestions.  

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Man that really looks great. Looks like we do have the right people in Washington!

Thanks for posting!

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Man that looks GREAT to me. Very nice job, If I was judging on looks alone you definitely would get my votefirst.gif

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Trig uses honey in his wrap.  Looks great...good enough for him (and you) good enought for us!

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Great job !!! Looks very fine.

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Awesome bark sausage.gif


They look great drool.gificon14.gif

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Looks good man. What flavor was the smoke
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Those look great!


I like mine dry but so what?


You got the meaningless smoke ring some of the judges seem to look for?


Good luck and good smoking.

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They look fantastic! Nice job!!

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Those look good! Good luck!




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