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Apple Pork Loin

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Pulled a peice of loin out of the freezer yesterday, thawed it and dropped it in a brine of salt, brown sugar and my pickling spice (sorry I forgot to snap pics of the prep process). After 24 hours, took it out and popped it in the smoker with cherry at 275 degrees until it hit 140 degrees. While it was cooking, I made a sauce/glaze out of sliced granny smith apple, brown sugar, orange juice, molasses, maple syrup, apple butter and a shot worcestershire and apple cider vinegar. I let that reduce and thicken until the pork was done and then poured it over the roast and put it under the broiler to carmelize.




Out of the broiler. Sauce has coated the loin and become almost candied.




Sliced up. Color washed out for some reason.




Plated up with pinto beans cooked with my homemade bacon ends, onions and jalapenos, green beans and spaetzle with gravy made from the pork drippings :)












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That loin looks awesome!
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All I can say is AWESOME looking plate!

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That looks outstanding!

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Looks tastey!

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Great job, I'll take a plate of that drool.gif

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Good looking plate!!

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Tasted great and will be having leftovers tonight along with some smoked whitefish. Thanks for all the compliments!
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yo zz , looks good , how much did it weigh and what was total cook time ?

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Uhmgood, If I recall correctly I think it was a 3-4lb roast and took about 1h 45min.

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You never invited usth_crybaby2.gif

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Next time, I promise beercheer.gif

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Mmm looked great. Tell me about your smoked whitefish!

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I'll see if I can get some pics of the smoked whitefish and trout up tomorrow. Great snack with a couple of wobbly-pops.

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A couple of pics of the whitefish and trout. Brined and then smoked over alder with a little bit of oak.













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