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Cold smoking BBB question

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I've got a 7lb butt covered with Hi Mtn Jerky Co. BBB dry cure.  Should I use my Traeger pellet grill and try to keep the heat below 200 and smoke to 140 internal or use my A Maze-N Smoker to cold smoke with no heat?  Ambient temperatures will probably be in the 40s-50s for the cold smoke.  Thanks

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That really up to you.
I like cold smoking it with AMNPS
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I'm betting you can do both if you like.  If properly cured a bit of cold smoke sure wouldn't hurt it.   Then you can bring it up to IT in the hot smoke

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It's a personal preference. A lot of guys like to eat it cold so they hot smoke it to 145. We cold smoke it & fry it up when we want some.

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Personally I do like Al Blancher said I cold smoke for several hours then put some heat to it and get it done so we can use it on sandwiches or as snacks

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