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I haven't smoked anything for too long! Probably a month! Aaaaaaah!


I've been wanting to, just haven't had the opportunity, and I only have two packages of BBB in the freezer! I think I'll be able to this coming weekend though. Probably some pulled pork, some ribs, and a chicken. That should hold me over till I can get some bacon cured or some sausage stuffed.



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A month !!!!! That a long time in smoking world.
i feel bad if i dont smoke both saturday and sunday
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Been there before. I feel for you.
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You must have withdrawals really bad! I'm one of the lucky ones that is home everyday so I smoke lots of things...I've got some bell peppers, poblanos, garlic, onions and japs on there now then on to dehydrating and grinding. 

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I know how you feel. I haven't smoked anything since Christmas!!! I'm jonesing so bad I can't stand it! Been working every day since the new year and it doesn't look to let up anytime soon. Must make BBB, Belly bacon and need more brats and Kielbasa, The question is when????

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I know how you feel. We don't smoke much in the summer here. It's just too hot.

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All is good. We're going over to friends house this evening so I threw on a couple small butts this morning. Nothing too exciting but it'll taste good and tie me over till I can make some BBB or sausage. :)

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