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My second attempt at ribs

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I bought a used Traeger Grill, it's basicly still new, from my brother in law and tried smoking some pork ribs yesterday. They turned out pretty well but I used a method of par boiling the ribs in pepsi before putting them on the grill. That was fine until tonight.

Today I used the 2, 2, 1 method and what a difference. The smoking process turned out better and they came off the bone easily but didn't fall off. They were perfect. My niece's husband doesn't like pork ribs. He's had ribs from Ribs USA in Burbank CA and doesn't like those either and I've had them, and they are good. I shared mine with him and my niece last night and today and he told me they were the best he's ever had. Thanks for the tips here on the forum. I'll be learning alot here.


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The ribs look great Rick!


Do us a favor & update your profile to include your location. Thanks!

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Thanks for the reply Al. They sure were tasty.

I updated my profile too. Thanks.
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They look very good, Yes the 321 and 221 are great way so smoke ribs

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Great looking ribs!

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They do look good
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Thanks everyone for you kind replies. I learn of the 3 2 1 method here. This forum will be a great help in navigating the learning curve due to all of you and the experiences you share. Thanks for a great forum!

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Welcome to SMF!  Great looking ribs!




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Great job Rick! They look great drool.gificon14.gif

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Awesome job Rick! Those ribs look Mmm Mmm Good!drool.gif

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Looks good to me!

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Gotta see the smoke ring lol. They look great
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Looking great.


A sliced shot would be nice.


If they taste as good as they look, I don't worry a whit about a smoke ring?


Good luck and good smoking.

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If ya ask me the ONLY way to do ribs is the 3-2-1 or the 2-2-1.

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SHHHhhh! Don't tell anyone Boiling is bad! Everyone will start using 3-2-1 and the Price of Ribs will go up from Demand!...Good Job amd Welcome...JJ

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