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don't fret brother...if it were easy, everyone would do it!

you've already done what I consider the single greatest thing to speed success--join the forum!

What you've learned from this post will help you along, and I wouldn't be suprised if (even if they're not perfect) your next batch is better than your local Q!

Keep posting questions and qview--we'll help when we can, as well as learn with you...

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Originally Posted by AJ Comer View Post

That foiling juice method sounds awesome. I don't wanna run back to the store so I'll try it another weekend, but saved that page for reference later! But with that foiling method, the way I understand it you don't add BBQ sauce to it, but rather the juice when done?
Big casino. I saw a needle type at Kroger last night on sale for like $4, but decided to pass it up. Probably should have got it. Oh well. I'm sure this time I'll get em pretty darn good!

If you are careful you can remove the ribs and save the Foiling Juice. I hold the foil package above a pot and poke a hole in the foil to let the juices run out. I then reduce them to a sauce/syrupy thickness and brush them on the rib during that last hour in the smoker. They come out beautifully Glazed and are so good you won't need additional sauce... The Center of the pic is a rack of Baby Backs using the Foiling Juice...JJ





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Nice! I'll definantly try that next time!


Last questions before this attempt, my baby backs won't fit in the smoker, too wide. What's the best option here to get em in there? I tried sideways on the rack and still not long enough. Last time I cut 1/4 and it was almost done while the 3/4 rack was not. So it's anvils that method won't cook even...


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Just cut them in Half...JJ

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As JJ said, I would cut them in half rather than having small parts cut off one end or the other.


When you get your temp issues settled, I would bet you are on your way.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Originally Posted by yrrndsmoker View Post

Possibly add a hanging oven thermometer or a maverick that has the smoker temp probe to double check your temps.  My MES 40" runs about 20 degrees cooler than it says it is, so i bump it up to 250 so that im actually running at 225-230. Hope that helps! 

Ding Ding......................exactly my experience, my usually levels off btw 10-15 degrees cooler if your NOT opening the door often.



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Alrighty guys. I'm giving it another shot. Trying 3-2-1 on baby backs today. Just using BBQ sauce, I'll try the foiling method next time (after the weekly grocery store visit to bulk up). No temp gauge, just setting it at 250 and watching it pull from bone and will attempt tooth pick and bend test. I found some apple wood chips so I'm gonna try that instead of hickory. Putting a small ammount of water in the pan again, vent open.

I'm curious, the meat probe on this unit, is it accurate or just as bad as the internal temp probe?

I'll let y'all know how it turns out!
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cool...will wait for QView!

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Well I don't think I can upload pictures from my phone. But they turned out great! Really,,, way over done, hard to pick em up, falling apart. But way way way better than last time, really good! I'm warming up some left overs for round two right now!
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I have the same smoker. Have had it about 8 months now and love it. I check the smoker temp on occasion and find the built in gauge to be dead on accurate. Never had a problem with that.

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Typically 3-2-1 is for Spare Ribs and too long for Baby Backs so that's why they fell apart. Next time try the more common 2-2-1 for the BB's...Still fun eating the trial and errors though...JJ

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Thanks for the advice, though I seem to have the opposite problem.  It seems like everything is overcooking in my MES 40.  I did a brisket, chicken breasts, and today babybacks, and they all seemed to be a bit overdone.  I've ordered a couple of extra thermometers to give me a second opinion on temp.  Anyone know where the MES actually senses the temp (top, middle)?



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