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Meat Glue Gone Bad

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I picked up some meat glue off of RichTee last year and have used it a few times with good results. Although the shelf life is suppose to be 3 months if kept vac sealed and frozen, I'd thought I 'd give it a try again and see if it still good. Well it's either out lived it useable life or the applicator (me) didn’t know what he was doing, which is quite possible.


I took some strips of pork loin and lean butt and glued them together hoping to get a checkerboard look when sliced. Dusted them all down with glue and rolled them up in plastic wrap like a fatty and let the glue do it's thing for a day. Next day I unwrapped it and it looked good, that is until I started to rub on the cure, then it started to come apart at the seams.

Before the coming apart stage:





I'm not one to throw away good meat so I moved on and cured them for 7 days .

Pull it out yesterday and slow cooked it at 250 till I got it to 158 internal then let it rest over night.


Here's the finished product:





and a little sliced view:




I'll have to work on my technique to make it prettier, my original plan was to make a box press and glue it with some pressure on it. That would have eliminated to voids in the middle.


Tastes real good though, and I think it will make a great deviled ham! LOL

Thanks for looking,

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Sorry to hear it Smitty. Still looks tasty though.

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Dan, evening...... I got dizzy for a moment looking at your creation... kind of like an optical illusion.....  A few adult beverages and that stuff sliced up on a buffet line.... the guests would be tipped over..... 


Whew !!! ..  that was cruel.....  Looks good.... different textures.... different tastes..... I'll bet it is delish....   Dave 

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Wish my "gone bads" turned out looking like that!  I'd love to try a taste of that baby.

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That does look awfully good for a "gone bad" thread...  my "gone bad" looked like a meteor ...and the taste wasn't far from it either.  :)

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